1995 Audi Sport 90 Quattro - RIP

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I took delivery of the car on November 20, 2000 with 56,000+ miles.  It is a B4 body style with a V612v, AFC engine code. 
12/7/2000 - Replaced the front tie rod ends, rear wheel bearings, all 4 corner brake pads replaced with Pagid brake pads and new 80/100W Hella Headlight bulbs.
12/9/2000 - changed oil to 10W40 Castro Synthetic and Red Line MT-90 Syn. in the rear differential.
7/26/2001 - New Hawk brake pads at the corners, MT 90 Red Line in Transmission, and TorqueMaster Spark Plugs.
10/19/2001 - New Nology Hot Wire Spark Plug Wires.
6/12/2002 - New Boge TurboGas front shocks, new Raceware Headbolts & new APF front engine mount.
7/9/2003 - NGK Spark Plugs installed.
7/24/2003 - Installed VAP's Cold Air Induction System & Velocity Stack(also removed the MAF screen).
9/13/2003 - Installed VAP's Stage 3 MAF (078 133 471A) & Stage 2 Hose Kit.
12/7/2003 - Rebuilt heads, ported & polished and match ported all gaskets to heads, both intake and exhaust.  Installed A/C Delco Rapid Fire #9 Spark Plugs.

Ported & Polished Upper Half of Intake Manifold --------->

3/24/2004 - Purchased the Throttle Body ------------------>
as a core exchange to purchase VAP's XTB 'Special TB'
707 CFM.

3/26/2004 - Replaced regular VS with Stage 3 Velocity Stack(S3 VS).
4/8/2004 - Installed VAP's rubber O-Ring in the orifice of the S3 MAF.

5/6/2004 - Installed X3Racing’s Twin HKS A Style Angle Dual Round 3" Tip Muffler (Item No MUF-019) with installation by Plaza Muffler in Orange near the Circle.

5/18/2004 - Installed 18"  3 inch resonator muffler by Plaza Muffler.

8/6/2004 - Image Imports:
   1. Replaced 2 side OEM transmission and engine mounts.
   2. Installed ported and polished Intake Manifold(I personally P & P) with VAP XSTB(see picture below and slide show of the TB).
   3. Installed new Zimmerman Cross-Drilled rotors and Mintex pads.
9/24/04 - Installed Fitch Fuel Catalyst at 94,700 miles.
10/19/04 - Installed 2 new Cats from Summit Racing (CTO-6806) at Plaza Muffler (95,300).
12/10/04 - Image Imports installed 1 piece Stainless Steel Brake Lines from Ben Nesbitt at Ubernugen.
12/30/04 - Plaza Muffler replaced 18" resonator with 24" muffler and much quieter.
4/8/05 - Solid Strut Mounts installed.
7/9/05 - Generation 2 Strut Bar with Solid Strut Dust Caps.
2/9/06- Replaced Mintex brake pads with Hawk HPS.+
5/18/06 - Upgraded to 200 TQ Brake Master Cylinder(30-40% larger than what replaced it.)  See slide show below.

             Gen 2 Strut Bar -->

         Solid Strut Mounts -->

6/28/06 - BBK (Big Brake Kit):
(Installed by Ron Wood of VW Specialties)
    1. S2 front & rear 5 bolt hubs
    2. RS2 Front Caliper Brackets
    3. S2 Rear Rotors  245mm x 10mm solid disk
    4. 996 Porsche Calipers - fronts only
    5. Audi S6 V8  314mm x 25mm vented front Rotors
    6. Hawk HP+ pads
    7. New Ronal R-38 Wheels
    8. General Exclaim UHP 224/45ZR-17  91W tires

10/30/06 - Installed Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Pressure Gauge with custom adaptor.

2/1/2007  - 1 Piece Drive Shaft:
Add 3" exhaust flanges,     
Stainless Steel Bolts for flanges.   
CV Washers, plates & bolts.       
SS Strap Bands for exhaust.       
Plates & CV Grease.           
OEM Exhaust Clamps.       
Light Weight One-Piece Drive Shaft.     
First polish with Menzerna 12/5/2006!
Rear BBK(Big Brake Kit):    5/12/2007
1. 2000 Audi S4 Rear Brake Calipers.
2. 8mm thick wheel spacers made from 6061 Billet Aluminum/Magnesium alloy CNC’ed  with dimensions of: outside diameter of 132 mm and a center bore of 74 mm.
3. STaSIS Rear Brake Kit (STaSIS Part #KB01.5001.00)
    A. 2 each - Alcon Rotors, 298mm x 20mm, vented, gas, slotted
    B. 2 each - STaSIS Rotor mounting hats, directionally vented
    C. 2 each - STaSIS Carrier mounting brackets
    D. 1 set Ferodo DS2500 brake pads
4. Speed Bleeders for the rear calipers.
5. Ordered custom 1 piece Stainless Steel brake lines from Mesa Hose.
{See Slideshow to the right}

Heat Sink Installed behind POS (3/7/2008)

More Pictures from 12/17/2006.
3/21/2008 - Installed VAP's Light Weight Constant Velocity(LWCV) Joints on new 1 piece Drive Shaft.
4/2/2008 - Had Steve at Steve's Place in Bend, OR install:
     1. New VAP Snub Mount
     2. New Stern Differential Mounts
     3. New Samco Hose Kit I purchased from Doug Wells of AudiWorld.
     4. New VAP LW Alloy Power Steering Pulley.
10/19/2008 - Had Ron at Steve's Place install RS2 bumper from 2Bennett with Porsche directional signals, RS2 projector lamps and Porsche driving lights.

2/5/2009 - Purchased O.Z. Ultraleggers, 17 x 8, Offset: 35mm, Bolt Pattern: 5x112;  17.5 pounds with General
Tires Exclaim UHP 225/45ZR-17's.

8/31/2010 - I installed a new rear suspension:

   1. 2000/01 Audi B5/S4  F4-BE3-6214-H1 Bilstein Sport Shocks

   2. 2000/01 Audi B5/S4 coil springs

   3. 2000/01 Audi B5/S4 15mm sway bar with new rubber insulators

   4. New sway bar end links

10/16/2010 - Installed new Front Suspension Coilover Conversion Kit from VAP:
   1. Big Bore Strut Extenders
   2. Coilover Conversion Kit:
           1. Lower strut tube collar ring
           2. Lower height-adjusting sleeve/perch with urethane spring silencer
           3. Upper perch with urethane spring silencer
           4. Pro Mounts
           5. F4-P36-0369-H1 Bilstein Strut Insert Sport Cartridge
           6. Eibach Coilover Springs: 7" long, 2.5" ID, 300 lbs
           7. NO front sway bar 

12/4/2010 - Installed RC Engineering Fuel Injectors #PL2-155 at 155cc/min

8/13/2011 - Installed JHM Solid Short Throw Shifter with Ken Mays help.

9-24-2011 - Installed Lower Control Arm Acetron Bushings with new lower ball joints.
9-20-2014 - Installed Extreme Spark spark plugs.
8/25/2015 - Installed Magnecor 80 Series 8mm Spark Plug Wires.
12/21/2015 - Added CerTechGels.com to my engine to coat all the internal metal surfaces with ceramics to
                     extend the life of the engine.   Had to go to mineral oil, Pennzoil, 5W-30.

Heater Core Installed  5/21/2016

We started at 8AM in Dave's driveway while it was raining hard.
The dash is out: WOW! That only took 1 hour.
Notice the moisture on the inside of the front windshield!
I had been reading on various Blogs  that this whole process would take at least 2 days(this is why I drove 800 miles
from Portland to Salt Lake City to have Dave's help.)

This is directly in front of the passenger seat.
This black plastic box you see is for the A/C unit and fan.
Here is 1/2 of the heater core air distribution box.  It has 3 flaps that distribute the air where you choose.
Notice the 6 large holes in the flaps.  They were covered by foam that goes to seed after 20 years.
We replaced the crumbling foam with 3M 3340 Aluminum tape, which should last 50 years.
This is the other half of the heater core air distribution box.
There are 3 flaps and a motor for each.
This if where the heater core air distribution box mounts to the fire wall.  You can see one of the two holes.
Here is the heater core air distribution box put back together with the inlet and outlet tubes from the heater core through the
fire wall and the silver bracket that holds it securely in place.
This is the bad heater core.  If you look at the lower part of the picture, you can see some gunk, junk that clogged
up the bottom of the core, which is why I had to change it.

A hugh Thank You to my newfound fellow Audi nut for his invaluable work, even in the rain.
When we started at 8AM is was raining.  When we were done at 1PM, the sun was out.
That is only 5 hours to do the whole thing where most people take 2 days!

7/15/2016 - I steam cleaned my wheels and then coated them with Opti-Seal, so that they would be easier to 

clean off the brake dust.

Revised  7/15/2016